Election Center 2014



The election is quickly approaching, and the WICB and VIC News Team has you covered. Tune in Election Night for our live coverage of the races and all of the issues effecting Tompkins County and the state.

Below is the entire three hour long broadcast of Election Center 2014.

What campaign issues are Ithacans most concerned about during this election? ICB’s Alexa Levy took to the streets to find out. (Ithaca Now, 9-21-14)

WICB correspondent Jamie Swinnerton spoke with Democratic candidate for Congress Martha Robertson about her campaign and the election.  (Ithaca Now, 11-2-14) 

For more information about the congressional candidates for the 23rd District of New York State, click here!

Green Party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins spoke with News Director Sara McCloskey about his campaign and second run for the seat. Below is the extended version of the interview. (Ithaca Now, 9-14-14)

For more information about the other gubernatorial candidates, click here

Noreyana Fernando spoke with Cornell University junior Joshua Lafazan, who is also one of New York state’s youngest elected officials. At the age of 18, Joshua was elected to the Syawsset School Board of Education in Long Island. He spoke to us about why he decided to run for office and the inspiration behind his new SafeRide program. (Ithaca Now, 9-26-14) 



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