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Ithaca College Students Discuss Keystone Pipeline Documentary

Ithaca Now spoke with Drew Bastien, Alexandra Evans and Molly Petrie, three Ithaca College students who are producing a documentary, “Line in the Sand,” about the resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Landowners and activists are speaking out against TransCanada Corp., the company planning the pipeline’s installation, which would run from Alberta, Canada to refineries in Texas.

The group has spent one semester documenting the resistance and has spoken to landowners in Oklahoma and Texas who are suing TransCanada for claiming their land. Now, the group is planning an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. to document a protest against the Keystone Pipeline on Feb. 17.

Here are some of the highlight’s from Sunday’s interview:

What makes the Keystone Pipeline and Tar Sands so important right now?

The big thing is a lot of people are thinking this is just like crude oil and it’s like any other pipeline, but really Tar Sands is much different. It’s much more energy intensive to get it out of the ground and get it flowing through these pipes. They’re trying to get this chemical called bitumen. They get that out of the sand and they’re putting it in these pipes and sending it down to Texas.

How important is it that you continue this documentary? Why is it so important that you continue to tell the story now?

Because the media has been so repressed up until now, a lot of people don’t know about it. We had the unique position that we started this story so early on, that we have experience and we have footage that has otherwise not been documented yet. We almost have a full story that we feel responsible to put out into the world and let people know this is going on. Nine out of 10 people, they don’t know that the Keystone XL Pipeline hasn’t been stopped yet, and they don’t know that there is fight to stop it that they can participate in.



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