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Ithaca Now’s “Year in Review”

The year 2012 was a big one for the City of Ithaca. With new Mayor Svante Myrick in office, the City faced a $3 million deficit, budget constraints, and pressures from the fire and police departments, who found themselves increasingly strapped for resources. New stores sprung up on the Commons, while two prominent businesses closed. In the aftermath of the crippling economic recession of 2008, the City looked to rebuild, as it considered plans for new apartment complexes, local grocery stores and major renovations to the Ithaca Commons.

On both hills, college students rocked the vote during the election season, helping President Obama secure another four years in office. Meanwhile, nearby towns debated hydraulic fracturing, as New York state delayed its decision on the controversial method of natural gas drilling.

Ithaca Now’s “Year in Review” looks back at the most important, groundbreaking and influential events in 2012. The full show is broken up into four parts below.



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