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Ithaca College, Tompkins County

Ithaca College Students Petition for 96B Sidewalk

Ithaca College student Charlotte Roberts is the leading force behind the latest petition to install a sidewalk along 96B, which extends from the college to Hillview Place without a clear pathway for pedestrians.

But first, Roberts must attract the attention of the New York State Department of Transportation, which owns the road.

On Nov. 8, Roberts and a few other students from the college marched along 96B and carried signs to raise awareness about their petition. On the same date in 2008, an Ithaca College student was struck by a car between Rogan’s Corner and Grandview Avenue. The police officer directing traffic after the accident was also hit by a vehicle on the same night.

“Two people hit on the same night on the same stretch of road, it’s completely unacceptable,” she said.

Now, Roberts is working with the South Hill Neighborhood Council and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Association to organize a letter-writing campaign to transportation department commissioners Joan McDonald and Eric Ophardt. Roberts is also circulating a petition, which now has more than 600 signatures.

“This is a matter of safe passage, which essentially is a right,” Roberts said. “if you live on campus or off campus, you should be able to get to the campus safely. You should be able to get wherever you want in the Town or in the City safely. That’s not happening right now.”



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