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Ithaca Commons

Downtown Ithaca Alliance Gears Up for Commons Redesign

On last week’s episode of Ithaca Now, Vicki Taylor, associate director of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, spoke of the changes that are coming to the Commons, previewed the City’s 30th annual Applefest and described how new students can integrate themselves into the Ithaca community.

“It’s an exciting time, so we want people to be able to be prepared,” Taylor said. “We’re working on a Commons mitigation program so that businesses have the best chance of making it through construction.”

Taylor described some of the long term goals for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and the Commons. Ithaca is also facing the ongoing task of creating more housing downtown — and transportation — to connect the community with Cornell University and Ithaca College.

As the City prepares for further construction, Taylor said one of the most important ways community members can support the Commons and the City is to shop local.

“As students come back — they’re more familiar with different restaurants that maybe have a name that they recognize — it would be great if people take the time to shop at local businesses and get to know the community, because every dollar that is spent in that local economy really helps to keep our economy vibrant, which means that we can do projects like the Commons redesign.”


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